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  • Every SP1 comes with a 7 year warranty – extended to 10 years free of charge upon registering your SP1 with 3 months of purchase at: iPAD Members

  • Free, robust carry case
  • One sets of electrode pads, one set pre-connected. For use on adults and children (age1+)
  • One Lithium Manganese Oxide battery, which is disposable. The battery is expected to last up to five years (in standby) and comes with a warranty of four years.
  • 1 x AED rescue kit, which include:
    • 2 x Patient Wipe
    • 1 x Nitrile Goves
    • 1 x Prep Razor
    • 1 x Face Shield
    • Tough cut scissors

iPAD SP1 Defibrillator (Automatic)

Excluding VAT
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