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Safeguarding Sports: Doncaster Rugby League Club Players Trained in Emergency First Aid for Sports to support Easter Camp

ER Training recently conducted an Emergency First Aid for Sports Course tailored for Doncaster Rugby League Club players, ensuring safety standards on and off the field. The initiative comes ahead of their upcoming Kids Easter Camp, where player involvement extends beyond the game.


With an emphasis on essential skills like CPR, concussion management, and injury stabilisation, players are gearing up to ensure a safe environment for young athletes attending the camp at the newly opened Bentley ARLFC. This proactive approach underscores the club's commitment to holistic player development and community welfare.


Our tailored course included the 'emergency first aid for sports' Catagory B British Athletics course syllabus and paediatric protocols, ensuring everyone’s safety ahead of the Club Doncaster Easter Camp.


At Emergency Response Training Ltd, we're proud to support initiatives like this, fostering a culture of preparedness and care within sports communities. Together, we're championing safety and setting a gold standard for sports education and through collaborative efforts with clubs like Doncaster Rugby League, we continue to champion safety, making strides towards a safer sporting environment for all.


The Doncaster Rugby League Easter Camp in association with HAF and Doncaster City Council is now fully booked but if you would like more information on the Doncaster Rugby League upcoming Summer Camp contact


And for all your First Aid, Fire Safety and Health & Safety training requirements why not give us a call on Tel 01302 802016 or check out our website

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